New Rat Poison Restrictions Announced:
REPRINTED FROM CBC NEWS: Last Updated: Monday, November 1, 2010 | 4:49 PM ET CBC News
Children, pets and other animals will be protected by new rules restricting the use of rodent-control pesticides, Health Canada announced Monday.

Consumers and pest-control professionals use the products, known as rodenticides, to kill rats and mice.

The new measures include:

Keep rodenticides in a tamper-proof bait station when used in areas accessible by children and pets.
Package rodenticides for consumers with a pre-baited, ready-to-use bait station.
Restrict certain rodenticides with high levels of toxicity and a long decomposition time to professional pest control operators or farmers.
Manufacturers have until Dec. 31, 2012, to make the changes, Health Canada said.

Until then, consumers are advised to:

Read the safety precautions before using any rodenticide and use only as directed.
Store rodenticides away from food and out of reach of children.
Use gloves when handling rodenticides.
Place rodenticides in an area inaccessible to children, pets and non-targeted wildlife.
Use a closed bait station supplied with the rodenticide or buy one separately.
Wear gloves when disposing of dead rodents, and double-bag them before putting them into a garbage.

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